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Smoked Sage

Smoked Sage

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Our Smoked Sage Candle, a captivating blend that brings the mystical essence of smoldering sage into your home. Crafted with care, this candle combines the earthy aroma of sage with subtle hints of smoky wood, creating a uniquely enchanting fragrance. Whether you're seeking moments of clarity during meditation or simply wish to add a touch of mystique to your space, our Smoked Sage Candle is the perfect choice. Let the warm glow and aromatic embrace of smoked sage transport you to a place of tranquility and serenity. Embrace the magic of nature with every flicker of this exquisite candle.


Contains Cedarwood, Clove, Lemon, Patchouli, and Rosemary Essential Oil

Top Notes: smooth clove and syrupy lemon notes

Middle Notes: sweet floral and rosemary notes

Bottom Notes: cedarwood and patchouli notes

Burn Time:

45+ Hours

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